Our company has been on the market for over 20 years, today "Nefis" is one of the most recognized trademarks in Moldova. "Nefis" is valued highly abroad, exporting to over 20 countries: Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Russia, Bosnia, Georgia, EU countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Cyprus,Lithuania, Estonia, Hungry, Romania), South Africa, Liberia, Siera - Leon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Australia and Belorussia. "Nefis" - is the choice of each family!

Post products from «NEFIS»

“Nefis” recommends delicious  products   that give strength,  the energy boost and help you stand all tests of post. DE POST   5000g, 340g Sugar biscuits produced with vegetal ingredients             DE OVAZ  4000g, 400g Oatmeal cookies                  FIT&FORM Light 3600g, 95g, 32g Biscuits with lower sugar [...]

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