“Sweet promotion” awards from Nefis has taken place

Rewarding the winners of the “Sweet promotion” from Nefis. 50 happy “sweet tooth” participants, who were randomly computer selected out of all the participants who answered correctly, have won delicious prizes from Nefis.

Unfortunately, not all the winners were able to pick up their prize. Here is a list of those who came January 20, at 14:00 to the ceremonial presentation of delicious sweets from Nefis:

Alain Holomeva, Christina Fedikova, Eugene Tyagy, Alexander Karpov, Leonid Matienko, Igor Matienko, Svetlana Matienko, Christina Smisarchuk, Andrey Korovin, Catherine Cheban, Vera Kirillova, Anna Leahu (Sergei Vasilenko), Anatoly Derevyankin, Catherine Radova, Lina Vysotsky, Irina Lyakhovetsky, Dmitry Agrich, Michael Firsanov, Tanya Bulhak, Olga Cebotari, Inna Korneichuk, Olga and Max Sipko.

See the photo report:

If you are a winner of the “Sweet promotion”, then you still have a chance to pick up your prize. Winners of the competition can come for a prize until February 10, from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday at: Creanga, 6 V, 3rd Floor, office Zingan.com.

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